wishing a very happy birthday to jim west

Robert Cargill and Jim West in Santa Monica

Robert Cargill and Jim West in Santa Monica

on this day, august 29, 19XX, jim west was born. little did he know that one day he would be the most widely read, most visible, and most influential blogger about biblical issues that no one admits to reading on earth. ;-)

of course, jim isn’t right we disagree about many things: his stance on gay marriage leaves much to be desired, and his failure to comprehend the sheer magnitude of the importance of the abc hit series lost (with the exception of the last episode which sucked) may very well cost him at the pearly gates. for some, jim is a wee bit too very outspoken, and his use of hyperbole in cases of dilettantes and total depravity is a shade more than some can stomach. but those of us who have had the opportunity to spend time with the man, the myth, and the page view statistical legend in real-time outside of his online persona know him to be a caring man, committed to his church, and possessing a genuine concern for others.

of course, jim won’t appreciate the fact that i’m telling people that he is actually a good-hearted and compassionate man beneath his oft cantankerous online disposition, but that’s too bad. for all of the pros and cons, similarities and differences, agreements and disagreements, jim is honest and straightforward man who likes what he likes, dislikes what he dislikes, and lets you know both even when you haven’t asked. his contributions to realm of blogging are innumerable, and he has become a true asset to the scholarly community as a central resource for what is going on in the online realm.

so without sounding too much like a star trek geek, allow me to offer jim this birthday message: you are and always will be my friend.

happy 50th birthday jim,


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2 Responses

  1. Well said – especially the edited bits! :)

  2. thanks sir. it’s my honor to be your friend.

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