The Most Inspiring Photo of the Olympics

I am crying with pride as I write this. Winning is wonderful, but THIS is what the Olympics are all about:

Oscar Pistorius. The greatest photo of the Olympics

Oscar Pistorius. The greatest photo of the Olympics.

Athletic competition is glorious, but bringing hope to the disabled and marginalized (especially children) is worthy of the highest honor and praise.

Good on Oscar Pistorius, who brings hope to those (especially children) who seek only to walk. And here’s to the researchers and doctors and trainers who make is possible for Oscar Pistorius and so many others like him to live the lives we take for granted. Science and technology are truly life changing, life saving intellectual developments, and those who use it to help and inspire those in need are all the more praiseworthy!

(Via Jim West)

3 Responses

  1. Indeed an inspiring and heartwarming image. One can only hope that technology to effectively recreate the human hand will be available and affordable to amputees soon.

  2. Actually people with physical handicaps have been involved in certain sports at a very high level for well over 50 years. Michigan School for the Blind founded in 1859 for years produced some of the most outstanding high school wrestlers in the state, winning state championships year after year with a student body of but a few hundred from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Personally, I not only competed against them, lived with one of them who captioned the univ. wrestling team but saw one legged college college wrestlers, one armed basketball players in Michigan, at both a high school and university level as well. They just never gained the well deserved recognition that some do today. They deserve all the recognition that they can get.

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