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A reconstruction of the northwest tower at Qumran by Dr. Robert R. Cargill

A reconstruction of the northwest tower at Qumran by Dr. Robert R. Cargill

the qumran visualization project was featured this week on the heritage website. journalist owen jarus did a good job of featuring both my research and yuval peleg’s work at qumran. while peleg and i disagree in our conclusions about qumran, it is encouraging to see the competing theories presented in a professional and positive manner.

3 Responses

  1. Don’t worry. They always say the story with the best graphics* is most convincing/sells best, so for now, your conclusions are definitely the most convincing one! ;)

  2. the beauty of the graphics used in the qumran digital model is that with that flip of a switch, you can see the archaeological plans and wireframe.

    the best graphics are rooted firmly in fact and sound theory.

  3. Being a huge Ice Age & other Pixar miracles fan, I must protest that. Best meshes & rendering ever, rooted in nothing but their creator’s genius (with a little input from a dozen marketing agencies, probably). But in case of archaeology, maybe. ;)

    Fact is though, ‘packaging’/presentation has always been pretty important to get your theory, statement, opinion, product, religion, … sold to the public. You might just be that lucky you have a target audience that ranks facts and content as important as packaging.

    And even in case of historically correct reconstructions, there is always a certain amount of ‘interpretation’. Be it towards ‘this was most common during those days’ or ‘we’re close to 100% sure this was painted blue’ or ‘it is like this on site X, so we assume the same goes for site Y’?

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