tali turns ten today

Tali at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Tali at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

ten years ago today, my life changed forever. my ‘little girl,’ talitha joy, was born on september 18, 1999. it is still the proudest moment of my life.

i surprised her with tickets to the miley cyrus concert at the staples center. oh the lengths to which parents will go to sacrifice for their children! ;-)

as i said in the dedication of my book:

Finally, I wish to thank my daughter, Talitha Joy. Tali, you are the girl I’ve always loved and you are the reason I rise in the morning. May I live each day in an effort to show you that life can be lived with adventure, discovery, knowledge, faith, hope, kindness, laughter, love, and peace. I love you Tali. You will always be my little girl.

happy birthday tali. you will always be my little girl.



3 Responses

  1. 10’s an important age. she needs a cell phone and a new porsche!


    tell her i hope she has a fantastically memorable birthday and she’s quite a beauty.

  2. tali and i agree that porches (and their drivers) suck, but she wants my old iphone badly. at ten!. when i was ten, i wanted a mud pit.

  3. when I was ten I wanted a cello. I didn’t get one but I got lessons and the school cello. I got my own one eventually…

    Happy birthday Talitha. Such a beautiful name – I suppose she’ll always be young. Great photos, but too much snow! Go to the beach!

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