wolf blitzer colossal celebrity jeopardy fail

celebrity jeopardy wolf blitzer

CNN's Wolf Blitzer stands behind his negative number while Dana Delany and Andy Richter look on. Richter won with an almost unimaginable $68,000.

it was straight out of a saturday night live sketch. the score was in the negative numbers, and the contestant had a beard. however, this was not darrell hammond pretending to be sean connery. it was cnn’s own wolf blitzer, host of cnn’s ‘the situation room,’ making celebrity jeopardy history.

it was a sheer massacre! blitzer stood behind a blood red, four-digit, negative number while he beaten by dana delany and soundly trounced by one of the most deceptively clever people in entertainment – comedian andy richter of ‘tonight show with conan o’brien‘ fame.

it was fabulous. richter ended double jeopardy with $39,000!!! meanwhile, blitzer had a lowly -$4,600. at one point, they even stopped the game to rule against bliltzer and take additional money away from him because host alex trebek mistakenly gave him credit for a slightly incorrect answer. (blitzer said ‘juila childs’ (with an ‘s’) instead of julia child.) additionally, blitzer betrayed his lack of  middle-east and biblical knowledge when he questioned an answer in the category of ‘e times 3’ (each answer was a word with three e’s in it) of ‘this town was the home of david and jesus.’ blitzer offered: ‘jerusalem.’ (the answer, of course, was bethlehem.)

towards the end, i began to feel bad for wolf blitzer. but my pity was quickly tempered by my amazement with andy richter and my non-stop laughter from yelling old darrell hammond/sean connery lines from snl’s celebrity jeopardy.

  • ‘only on account of villany!’
  • ‘i’ll take swords for 200.’
  • ‘threeve.’
  • ‘oh rough. just the way your mother likes it trebek.’
  • ‘i’ll take ‘the penis mightier’ for $200′
  • ‘you’ll rue the day you crossed me, trebek,’
  • ‘febtober.’
  • ‘oh, i’ll bet you do, trebek.’
  • ‘terd ferguson.’
  • ‘jap anus relations.’
  • ‘the pen was too heavy.’
  • ‘suck on it trebek. suck it long and suck it hard.’
  • ‘the day is mine!’
  • ‘states that end in hampshire.’
  • ‘$texas’

it was pure comedy, and one of the best episodes of jeopardy i’ve ever seen. it was a colossal fail for blitzer, and offered yet another reason not to believe almost anything he says on ‘the situation room.’


7 Responses

  1. Oh man, I wish I’d seen that! (“I’ll take ‘The Rapists’ for $1000, Trebek!” )

  2. the SNL quotes are off the chizzang ;-)

  3. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

    I will not mock this man. I will instead pray for him.

  4. well pray hard. he needs it.

  5. you forgot the best category “connery” ever flubbed…”Anal Bum Cover for 200, alex!”

  6. agreed. ‘an album cover / anal bum’ cover is a classic!

  7. I haven’t believed most of the liberal spew from CNN, anyway.

    But, thanks for the confirmation.

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