professor tiggens makes it big time

thats professor tiggens starring on

that's professor tiggens starring on

professor tiggens cargill has made the big screen. well, he’s actually made the small screen. actually, he’s had a pic of him watching the small screen on we’re all very proud of him.

here’s a cat that both jim west and jim linville can both agree is cool.

10 Responses

  1. ;-)

  2. Woot! I gave it 5 cheezburgers!
    And made my own captions, too!

  3. that is so cool. Professors Tiggens?! Cool!!

    Not trying to steal the Prof’s thunder, but Delilah likes to watch the ballet DVDs. Sometimes she puts her paw up to try to stop them moving…

  4. Oi! Cats (regardless of having had little operations or not) are not ‘its’!!!

  5. i speak of all animals in the neuter (especially those whom i have specifically overseen their neutering ;-). i generally understand dogs to be male and cats to be female, based upon their eating and grooming habits. cats are perfectly kempt, graceful, hygienic, and eat slowly and patiently. cats are therefore female. dogs, on the other hand, are obnoxious, loud, poop and pee wherever, and eat like there are other rushing to steal this very last meal on earth. dogs are therefore males.

    but for the most part, unsexed creatures are its.

  6. well you said ‘him’ so you weren’t in trouble – until now that is. It was jimlin who said ‘I gave it 5 cheezburgers’. Now all three of you can be ‘its’ too. Consider thineselves neuter!

  7. Pictures of cats are its.

  8. :-) and you would’na give a real cat a cheeze burger…

  9. i don’t give kitties people food, except for a little wee bit of cheese now and then.

    My kitties eat dry cat food (not the cheap stuff), and nice gooshy canned food. I tried giving them fresh salmon and they didn’t like it. (?) The love ice cream and it is a battle to get any for myself.

    Max tried some of my lemonade this morning. Didn’t like that either. They love playing with breakfast cereal (Shreddies are their fave)…

  10. Delilah has fresh from the boats raw fish in New Zealand – same as me – and also raw lamb (with garlic) and a little cooked chicken. In England though we both turn our noses up at any fish – it all smells. So I live on vegies and she lives on ‘special’ dried food and fancy tinned food (she’s a delicate and discerning eater and eats minimally). She also likes to lick my fingers when I’ve been eating vegies – she’s particularly partial to broccoli and garlic.

    Delilah prefers water to wine and I’ve never given her cow’s milk (or cheese) because it ain’t good for them.

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