how (not) to plant a church

this video absolutely cracked me up.

favorite jokes:

  • must have a cool shirt: a v-neck t-shirt or an embroidered shirt (the video forgot the screen printed hoodie, which is a fav among relevant types.)
  • faux hawk ‘driscoll spike’ busted me up
  • he has to be a man
  • “keyboard playing worship leaders can no longer be used by god”
  • twittering about success of church

4 Responses

  1. you’re going to rival scotteriology for these finds soon….

    blog battle!

  2. This was my favorite!

    “Your worship leader man must be able to use a dotted eighth note delay … I do not know what that means, but I do know that the Holy Spirit only moves in dotted eighth notes.”

  3. i have a ways to go before i am as funny or vigilant as scott, but thanx. -bc

  4. Avoiding the “wrath of Piper” was my knee-slapper for the day!

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