announcing cargill 2.0 – a new digital humanities project coming soon

Cargill Ultrasound

Cargill 2.0 appears in center, head up over abdomen (legs hidden) with both arms raised waiving at the camera.

Cargill 2.0 is in the early stages of development, but should launch in early August 2011.

This new generation of Cargill includes a younger, thinner version of Cargill, with completely integrated social networking capabilities and more hair than the existing version of Cargill.

The lead developer on the Cargill 2.0 project is Roslyn Cargill, who will serve as project manager in consultation with invested partner Robert Cargill, who provided seed money for the project (sorry couldn’t resist).

Anywho, we’re having a baby.

15 Responses

  1. so happy for you guys. that’s gonna be a pretty baby.

  2. Fantastic! What great news. Blessing and health on mother and child!

  3. Congrats!! Jessica and I are having a baby, as well.

    Seed money…bwahaha!

  4. Congrats Bob! Get in as much sleep as you can now.

  5. i not getting any sleep now as it is. i’m basically dead. ;-) thanx!!!

  6. mazel tov to you as well!
    (and i consider it venture capital)

  7. thanx chris!

  8. Congratulations and blessings!

  9. Mazel Tov to you and your wife Bob!

  10. Mazel Tov to you and Roslyn!

  11. Congratulations!

  12. Don’t succumb to “second system syndrome”.

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