happy 62nd anniversary (kinda) dead sea scrolls

Qumran Inkwell Party Hat

A Qumran inkwell celebrates the 62nd anniversary of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. (I chose the inkwell because, you know, inkwells were discovered at Qumran ;-).

Ferrell Jenkins has an excellent summary of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls over at his Travel Blog. The “discoveries” were made beginning 62 years ago this week, and scholars have been fighting ever since. Of course, Qumran had a long history of visitors well before the discovery of the scrolls, but it was the scrolls that have been all the rage ever since.

I’ve been doing my part to honor the scrolls over the past couple of years. I gave the site of Qumran a makeover a few years back, wrote a book about them, and hosted a documentary on the writing of the scrolls last year, which you can watch here.

So happy anniversary to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. You have brought me nothing but pain suffering headaches Charles Gadda court appearances trials tribulations joy ever since I’ve known you. :)

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  1. How disconcerting to realize I’m as old as the Dead Sea Scrolls (their discovery at least)! Nevertheless, thanks for all your work on the scrolls (obstacles be damned!). I finally got to visit Qumran last fall and felt really well prepared, thanks in part to all of your above-named contributions.

  2. The pain, suffering, headaches, Charles Gadda, court appearances, trials and tribulations were all self-inflicted. But I am glad in one way that you sufferred. The outcome has been that Norman Golb has been proved right on the source of the scrolls – Jerusalem. And a sequel has been that 4QMMT was written to king Herod. They were very late last century B.C. manuscripts.

  3. actually, i don’t recall those ‘outcomes’, but then again, in your fantasy world, where criminals are heroes and you are a scholar, anything goes. in fact, let me play into your fantasy a bit by doing something i rarely do: approve your comment ;-)
    thanx again for the well wishes!


  4. good heavens. to be that unhinged and yet allowed out in the public to walk among normal people. the only question that remains is, when will we see him on the news with a collection of shrunken heads in his basement and body parts in the freezer? it’s surely only a matter of time.

  5. Speaking of “obstacles be damned”. . .

  6. […] Bob Cargill and Ferrell Jenkins noted the 62nd anniversary of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. […]

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