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  1. Dr. Bob we’d expect nothing less from you. Shalom

  2. Your good buddy Jim West posts this:

    “If one believes in the legitimacy of same-sex marriage:

    •One cannot consistently believe in the illegitimacy of heterosexual marriage.
    •One cannot consistently believe that marriage is simply “a legal piece of paper” with no further significance.
    •One cannot consistently believe that someone’s sexual orientation does not matter. In this debate, it undeniably matters.
    •One cannot consistently believe that someone’s sexual orientation is only a private matter. Part of what is being advocated by same-sex marriage supporters involves a public display of one’s orientation.
    •One cannot consistently be against “tradition” in every case. There is no empirical, perceivable difference between a same-sex couple living together and a same-sex couple who are married and living together. There must be some acknowledged meaning behind the traditional ceremony, vows, etc.
    •One cannot consistently deny legitimacy, on the same grounds, to multiple-partner marriage. If loving feelings toward someone is both the necessary and sufficient condition for marriage, nothing inherent in the definition prohibits the possibility that loving feelings can be directed toward more than one person.
    •One cannot consistently deny that divorce is more significant than a non-marital breakup. If the institution of marriage is more meaningful than mere dating or co-habitation, the severing of that institution must have significance beyond mere legal implications.”


    And no, I’m not saying that one cannot be friends with people unless one agrees with them on every subject, but his bigotry is rather extreme and unrelenting, and you harshly condemn people for much less important things.

  3. Since Bob has taken a vocal stand on this issue, and has challenged Jim for his stance, what more would you have him do? Symbolically unfriend him on Facebook, because that would really make a difference?

  4. Beware the blog of Jim West. He manipulates posts so that the meaning of the author is lost or changed. You can be “friends” with Jim West but just know it cannot be an honest relationship.

  5. James:

    Maybe he could rebut Jim publicly the way he has attacked other people with whom he has disagreements. West’s bigotry is pretty disgusting, and I don’t read him on purpose. Once in a while I’ll click on a link from your blog, not knowing where it leads.

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