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  1. […] related news, Bob Cargill drew attention to the fact that, if you missed last night’s episode of “Bible Secrets […]

  2. Thank you for that link! Very enjoyable, if a bit over-the-top with the narration and graphics.

  3. I tried to watch the Bible Secrets Revealed via this online link but all I got was “This content is currently unavailable.”

  4. It might be limited to US addresses. Are you outside of the US?

  5. Yes Dr., I am accessing it from outside USA, i am Egyptian, thank you very much for your reply and hope you post whenever its available globally In any format, as the series is much anticipated, grateful for your effort in making it available.

  6. Dear Dr. Bob Cargill,

    Is it possible to provide your audience outside USA, with a transcript of the episodes like “http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/transcripts/2706israel.html”,
    As long as they are not available for us to watch here?
    Thanks for considering this option or alike as the content is much awaited here also and we can’t have access to these very important info, unfortunately!

  7. Here is a Bible secret that you should remember:

    If anyone shall add to or take away anything from my words, I will also remove him from the Book of Life.

    Jesus Christ

  8. And who determined/s what ‘his words’ are?

    If you say, ‘the Bible,’ then which one? Which canon? And which version?

    And if the canon, how did we get that Canon?

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