dear fatah: stop blaming, start leading

Late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

what do you do when you cannot lead? you blame. that is what palestinian political party fatah has decided to do in the case of the death of former palestinian leader yasser arafat according to a jerusalem post report entitled, fatah adopts resolution blaming israel for arafat’s death, by khaled abu toameh. according to the article:

The sixth General Assembly of Fatah unanimously adopted a resolution calling for the establishment of a committee which would investigate the death of former Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat while abiding by the following guidelines: that Israel bears full responsibility for his death, that the issue continues to remain open, and that the investigation enlists international support.

this is nothing more than a political tactic to pander to the conservative palestinian base before the coming january 2010 presidential and parliamentary elections. it just pains me to see a people that could be so close to normalization of relations with israel and the rest of the world play this silly game. the palestinian people are good people, and are deserving of a leadership that actually leads and does not simply play the victim and blame israel for everything under the sun – real and imagined.

nevermind that arafat was old. never mind that he lived a hard life. never mind that he showed the visible effects of parkinson’s disease. never mind that he was 75. he died, so it must be israel’s fault. and it must be a conspiracy.

this kind of conspiracy blame game betrays the lack of leadership in the palestinian state. remember, fatah is the sane party; the other major party is hamas, the militants who run the gaza strip. how are they doing?

rather than pass resolutions blaming israel for arafat’s death, why doesn’t fatah continue to root out corruption and attempt to recoup reportedly embezzled money as they did shortly after arafat’s death? why not work to build business partnerships with international companies and bring jobs to the west bank? this is the best way to put pressure on israel to finally sign a lasting and viable peace. why not spend the time debating how to get children back into schools instead of fueling their minds with hateful conspiracies that ultimately lead them to throw rocks?

the palestinian people deserve better than a leadership that blames others. it’s time to stop playing the victim. palestine needs a leader who will stand up, put the past behind them, and lead. so who’s it going to be?

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